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Josh 2004 Happy
I coordinated with Karl and someone named Connor to ride bikes to school together. We go all sorts of ways and get there.

I could not work out using anyone’s chain, and did like Karl and just took my front wheel. Then, I hid my bike under a wooden platform, and worried.

Then, as everyone filtered inside, I realized it was not my school. How would I coordinate classwork? Surely there must be a way, but the bell rang. There is no time for any coordination.

But wait. I’m not in school anymore. I step inside, and time accelerates. Everyone is congregating inside to leave.

I ask Karl why he’s even there, and it’s for the girls. This seems to be HS and university mixed. While the implication is not gross / underage, it’s still early 20s not comfortable to me.

In the dream, there were not really any females. There were a few guys, and then non-descript students.

Someone asks, and I explain why I wasn’t in class… “I’ll be 40 in October, I’m not in school anymore.”

Karl tells the others, “you guys don’t want to know how old I am.”

I ask quietly, “you’ll be 49 this year, right?”

He non-verbally affirms, not really wanting to accept it.

I find Connor’s Engi game pack, but am having a hard time getting his attention to give it to him.

The dream fades into beeps, as the 6:30am iPhone Radar sound goes off...

Scandal - the TV show
Josh 2004 Happy
The best quote from a fictional show, that 100% applies to reality:

"He is never in charge. Power is in charge. Power is what got him elected." - Eli Pope in Scandal
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Josh 2004 Happy
That was a nice nap. Almost made up for how late I was up. Woke up to two calls.

* Jenn nearly ran over a cyclist in her neighborhood who was wearing all black on a black bike at dusk with no reflectors, no lights, after turning onto a residential side street. She caught a glimpse of a green helmet, and all was good. PLEASE BE VISIBLE WHEN YOU ARE ON A BIKE!

* My uncle is running into the age-old issue of PDF files being small when you get them, but too big for a mail server after print, sign, scan. Rather than one of us trekking across the metroplex, or teaching 6 people how to sign up for and use Google Drive, I'm going to see if I can show him how to use Filezilla to send me the document so I can shrink it.
But, for now, supper!

This feels more like a livejournal post. Maybe I'll post there instead. I feel like I really do more journaling than booking of the faces.

Josh 2004 Happy
Butternut squash with coconut butter and cinnamon

Slight allergy coming up. More details on FB and Wordpress ( ), but the LJ app does not support cut/paste. WTF.

Dominos Tracker API
Josh 2004 Happy
I wanted a way to send myself a text message when Dominos was "Out the Door". It turns out they have an XML API, so I did poor-man's BASH parsing and run this periodically to have it send me a message.
# Dominos Pizza Tracker
### Timestamps:
#- OrderStatus "Order Placed" ????
#- OrderStatus Prep ????
#- OrderStatus Bake
#- OrderStatus Routing Station
#- OrderStatus Out the Door
#- OrderStatus Delivered
#- OrderStatus Complete

if [[ "$DEBUG" != "" ]] ; then set -x ; fi

### Variables
EMAIL="PUT YOUR EMAIL HERE"  # For all status changes
SMS="SMS EMAIL HERE" # For delivery notices

### Make a temp file to save query costs
rm $LOG >/dev/null 2>&1 
touch $LOG

### Use phone number to get order
for PHONE in $PHONES ; do
	lynx -dump$PHONE > $LOG
	### Do we even have an order?
	NOORDER=`grep '' $LOG`
	if [[ -n ${NOORDER} ]] ; then
	### Collect info we might need
	STATUS=`grep '.[A-Za-z]*' $LOG | cut -f 2 -d \> | cut -f 1 -d \< `
	STARTTIME=`grep '.*' $LOG | cut -f 2 -d \> | cut -f 1 -d \< `
	OVENTIME=`grep '.*' $LOG | cut -f 2 -d \> | cut -f 1 -d \< `
	RACKTIME=`grep '.*' $LOG | cut -f 2 -d \> | cut -f 1 -d \< `
	ROUTETIME=`grep '.*' $LOG | cut -f 2 -d \> | cut -f 1 -d \< `
	DELIVERYTIME=`grep '.*' $LOG | cut -f 2 -d \> | cut -f 1 -d \< `
	LASTTIME=`grep 'Time>.* | cut -f 1 -d \< | tail -1`
	ORDERKEY=`grep '.*' $LOG | cut -f 2 -d \> | cut -f 1 -d \< `
	ORDERDESCRIPTION=`grep '.*' $LOG | cut -f 2 -d \> | cut -f 1 -d \< `
	### See how long ago was our status
	NOW=`date +%s`
	LAST=`date -d "$LASTTIME" +%s`
	(( DIFF = $NOW - $LAST ))

	echo DOMINOS: Order $ORDERKEY for $PHONE placed at $STARTTIME and last status of $STATUS at $LASTTIME

	### If less than 3 mins and 3 seconds, we report
	if [[ ${DIFF} -lt ${FREQUENCY} ]] ; then
		case $STATUS in
		"Delivered"|"Out the Door")
			cat $LOG | mail -vs "Dominos $STATUS for $PHONE at $STARTTIME" $EMAIL,$SMS
			cat $LOG | mail -vs "Dominos $STATUS for $PHONE at $STARTTIME" $EMAIL

Josh 2004 Happy
I updated my GPS heatmap on Strava. They only do for Cycling OR Running, but nothing else, nor a combined map. *sigh*

So, my walks that had GPS were converted to runs. Some had a little running. It zooms way out, because most of it was in the Bahamas, but there's a little blob on the ...
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FreedomPop is dead
Josh 2004 Happy
They have always seemed sketchy, but last year they worked.

In September, they disabled a lot of accounts. I try to use the device and all it does is redirect me to an i
portant notice. I follow the link to a 404.

If I log in and go to Contact Us, it redirects to the forums. The forums are ...
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After DR of a TSM server, do you need to restore the primary storage pool from the copy cool ?
Josh 2004 Happy
It depends on if it's small files or not. I normally have a small-file pool, which is the DIRMC, VMTLMC, and TOCDESTINATION. The offsite for this is kept reclaimed down to 1 tape, and I try to restore that primary pool first.

For large file, TDP, VM and image full backups, they can ...
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v7000 direct URL
Josh 2004 Happy
Because sometimes it's hard to find, especially when I'm on limited bandwith, this is for my easy reference
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USB Power Packs Capacity
Josh 2004 Happy
In layman's terms, think of it electricity like water.
* Amps is the stream width (almost nozzle width.)
* Volts is the spray pressure.
* Watts is the volume of water in one second.

So, .00000001 amps at a million volts won't kill you, but it might poke a tiny hole in you. 1000 amps at ...
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